Thursday, October 11, 2012

week 6 entry

I have read all the articles about the Obama photo and I think this is a very difficult subject. I understand that there are copy right laws but I personally think that Shepard Fairey changed the photo so much I don’t see how it would be against the law to use it. I see it as if the person that took the photo is ok with it then leave it alone. I don’t feel that Shepard should be penalized for it.  But if it was a photo I took for example I would probably be upset if someone didn’t ask me. I think that if the Associated Press was to get anything maybe a payment for the use but not a crazy amount of money. I also feel that taking this all the way to court is crazy. I think it is something that could be handled between lawyers out of court.


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  2. I agree with you. The problem with the photographer is that while he is employed by the AP, all images he acquires while working probably belong to them. That tends to be the case with most corporations. My brother used to work for an electronics company and he helped in the beginning development of digital casino games. Any of his ideas belonged to the company. He was not free to sell his ideas to anyone else because he devloped them while working for this company. He also did not receive any royalties for his production. It does seem though that they have blown this photo situation way out of proportion.