Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi. My name is  Sandy Waters.
I am 36 years old.
And have been married for 14 years.
I have 5 children and 4 grand children.
Yes I said at 36 I have grand children.
I am takeing this class to cover on of my credits.
I am hoping to have my associates degree in Education by next year.
Then I will be transfering to Johnson state to get my bachlors in Education.
I have no clue on how to do a blog so this will all be very new to me.


  1. You just made your first blog posting, so now you know how to blog, congrats!. It was to be on goals & fears re this class and I see you're a little nervous. Next time feel free to write in narrative form, just like a diary...a diary your classmates and teacher will read that is ;-).

    Okay I did the math, you were married at 22, and unless you had children before your current marriage, certainly a possibility, your grandchildren are those from children from a previous marriage of your husbands?

  2. I had 2 children from a preveus relation ship, and my husband had three when we met. but they are ALL mine. I love being a mom, wife, and grandma. I wouldn't want things any other way.

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